My Life scary story

Page 8: Writing Workshop (Cont.)

A Scary Experience Prewriting Outline

In a personal narrative you describe a personal experience and its meaning to you. For this quarter you will be focusing on a scary experience that happened to you. Complete the outline below about your scary experience.


In my earlier years of being an adolescense I found myself emersed in fear every time I became lost or parted from my family.


The worst feeling was when I became lost a large event called Calgarie Stampeed.

Why was it important to you?

Showed me how much I loved my family and how I would always find them if I become lost.

You may write down more than one fact for each section (Beginning, Middle, End), but be sure to explain your feelings for each fact you include.


Facts: What happened?

Feelings: What did I feel? What did I think?

  • went to calgarie stampeed

  • was in canada

  • was young probably eight

  • There were a lot of people

I felt happy, excited, and enveloped in the cheerful community of people there.


Facts: What happened?

Feelings: What did I feel? What did I think?

  • became lost

  • was asked if I knew my families number

  • sat there in worry

I felt scared, almost as if I couldn’t ever see my family again.


Facts: What happened?

Feelings: What did I feel? What did I think?

  • my dad walked in

  • We joined back with our family

  • I was able to have a nice day after that

I felt incredibly happy I got to see my family.


I understand now that I will always be in contact and find my family if I ever become lost at a place foreign to me or a part in life I feel lost in.

Student PBL

The PBL project was pretty fun. I liked how we got to remake our stories and had them be told in our own words. Admittedly I haven’t finished my digital portfolio; I will need to finish a few of the sections but it is all good so far.

Wiki Blog

images-1Our wiki page has both good and bad. The good is found in most of the sections were thorough information is available. We also collaborated well and developed a nice page. Misfortunately though is that we were unable to get rid of extra spaces found and we now need to add multiple pictures to different sections. Some things are missing though these issues can be fixed and make a full, complete edublog.

Harder to be Kind

“Its harder to be kind than clever,'” said Jeff Bezos’ grandfather. Jeff explained this because he said that being kind was a dissuasion, a choice more or less, while being clever was a gift which is unearned and could lead to self indulgence which can cause a series of misfortunate events upon yourself. Even in daily life one can say something from quick whit in response to a negative remark but it takes prestige when one ignores the derogatory comment and proceeds throughout the day without care or without hindering oneself to stoop to the verbal dialect and transaction of words which could become disturbing to ones conscience. Also, if it is not to ones conscience then there is a new issue as to why there isn’t moral asphyxiation from that.

Earthquake in Japan Shakes Up Production Supply

Technology has had a mass growth in Japan. The recent earthquake has caused many factories and other technology production manufactures. As Japan has produced much of the components for these devices its tragic to see that parts for such products as iPad 2. They do report that it won’t effect this quarter of profits. But they do give caution for the next quarter. There could be more apparent effects later though.

Haiti Research Reflection

The haiti research reflection was simple and easy to understand. I was able to complete most of the work in one class and finish it on the day that it was due. I was pleased with my work and I learned many parts of how to create, publish, and design a glog. Though I do believe that a glog is more like a website with a nicer name.

Poetry Analysis Glog

I worked on a Glog this past week for the poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” which was about an ill lady dying from a disease. It was sad but she had no indecision against her fate nor did it blemish her perspective in her final moments. My glog had death and gloom as it’s theme and a creepy feeling to it. It only took an hour or so to create it; so it was not hard nor difficult in anyway.